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Security document Summit 2014

Security document Summit 2014

Security Document Summit (SDS) always focus on cutting-edge technology and market application information of security document SDS was organized by China anti-counterfeiting Technology Association and The First Research Institute both belonging to China Public Security Ministry which is the main government agency of identity document such as ID card, Passport and Driver Lisence SDS attaches great importance to technology application and contribute to multiple project application

12th Security Document Summit (SDS)

12th Security Document Summit (SDS)

Registration for 12th Security Document Summit(SDS) is open now!Security Document Summit (SDS) focuses on banknote,

10th Security Document Summit

Date:2015-10-20 - 2015-10-22   • Venue:China National Convention Center Beijing China • 0

Sep.20-22,2015  China National Convention Center  Beijing  China 
Concurrently with:1st Security Label Exhibition
OrganizerChina International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST)
                   Security Identification Union(SID)
                   Beijing Zhongguang Hengtai Culture Communication(HT.C)
Co-organizer The First Research Institute, Ministry of Public Security
Acknowledgement:  China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation

Leading Security Document Event in Asia, Focusing on advanced technology in the following fields;- Currency, passports, Tax Stamps Driver’s License, Certificates, Financial Bills, Securities, Invoices, Tickets, File and Brand Protection.
New venue in famous Beijing Asian-Olympic Business Circle very close to the world famous Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. 

SDS has now out-grown the venue of the previous 9 very successful Conferences. The 10th SDS will expand the exhibition space to 3,000 m2, with space for over 200 exhibitors, 4,000 Exhibition visitors and 600 Conference attendees.

SDS receives support from many Government & Public Security organizations, together with the Central Bank, etc.  At SDS, you have chance to meet the Security Document issuer, Designer, Manufacturer, and brand owner from within China, and South East Asia.

SDS is also an ideal opportunity for European, American, and Asian manufactures to meet potential Suppliers/ Technology Partners from within China.

SDS is your Number 1 venue for “East meets West” in the Security Document Industry.
Past SDS Conferences have contributed to a series of application project, including:
·  Accreditation card and ticket security solution of 2008 Beijing Olympic Game,
·  Ticket security of 2010 Shanghai World Expo,
·  China E-passport and drivers'license,
·  Over 100 business cooperation projects, too numerous to detail. 

Exhibition  Sept 20-21

Who should attend
  • Central Banks, Security Print Works, Government Issuing Authorities, Brand Owners.
  • Banknote & High Security document:material, design system, security technology,detecting techniques
  • Physical technology, digital technology, biometric technology, trace and track solution, hologram, photopolymer, electronic seal.
  • Smartcard substrate, chip, personalization technology.
  • Security paper, security ink, film, fiber, pigment and other material, security packing material.
  • Banknote equipment, sealing-packing equipment,  printing equipment, card-printer, holographic equipment,label equipment, personalization equipment, and reader.
  • Security design, software, Security plate.
  • Industry organization and Media.

Who will you meet
  • Central Banks, Issuer of ID Cards, Passport, driver’s license, social security cards, Resident Cards, Health card,ticket, certificates.
  • Security document design and research organization
  • Security document manufacturer
  • Banknote design and printing corporation
  • Brand owner from cigarette, wine, cosmetic,  pharmaceutical, auto parts, furniture and building material, daily chemical industry,etc. 
  • Security printing plant
  • Technology Integrator
  • Consulting firm
  • Industry supplier
  • Media
What will you achieve
  •   Latest industry trends
  •   Discuss/ meet both existing & new customers
  •   Meet your Chinese partners, or find a Chinese Partner.
  •   Meet your Chinese manufacturer, or find a Chinese manufacturer.
  •   Know the market and find the market opportunity
  •   Bring direct and potential business opportunity 

Conference  Sept 20-21   1 main forum+4 branch forums  

  •   Industry policy and environment
  •   How big data and cloud technology affect security document
  •   Research result of China Security document industry  
  •   International Security Document Industry development
  •   New Technology and application innovation in document security
  •   Security Pringing digitalization On security document
  •   The Role and market of security document in government credit system
  •   Integration Safety of Security document in internet and mbile time
  •   Typical case analysis of security document application model and solution  

Sub-forum 1: Banknote and Securities’ security in cloud computing and big data time
 Next generation banknote technology
 Physical feature update of securities
 How cloud computing and big data affect securities security and market?
Sub-forum 2: China identity document security technology
 Security technology application and integration security of global identity document
 Integration Security technology of China identity document and Application Card
 New technology and technology update of identity document
Sub-forum 3: Identification technology of security document
 Two-dimension code’s application and market prospect in IOT time
 Application analysis of security documents identification technology
 The challenge and opportunity from internet and mobile device to identification technology
 The fit of reader and identification requirements
Sub-forum 4Material development and application
 Security ink development
 Future market analysis of security paper
 New material and new application