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Security document Summit 2014

Security document Summit 2014

Security Document Summit (SDS) always focus on cutting-edge technology and market application information of security document SDS was organized by China anti-counterfeiting Technology Association and The First Research Institute both belonging to China Public Security Ministry which is the main government agency of identity document such as ID card, Passport and Driver Lisence SDS attaches great importance to technology application and contribute to multiple project application

12th Security Document Summit (SDS)

12th Security Document Summit (SDS)

Registration for 12th Security Document Summit(SDS) is open now!Security Document Summit (SDS) focuses on banknote,

1st Security Label Exhibition

Date:2015-10-20 - 2015-10-22   • Venue:China National Convention Center, Beijing, China • 0

Concurrently with:   

Oct 20-22 2015 China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

Website: http://www.cids.com.cn/index/sle/

Organizer:China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST)
           Security Identification Union(SID)
           Beijing Zhongguang Hengtai Culture Communication(HT.C)

Exhibition:Oct 20-21,2015
Conference:Oct 21,2015
Tour visit:Oct 22,2015
With the development of big data and cloud computing, the rising requirement of product and channel management, and its special function in product safety, stimulate the label industry change. At the same time, boost security label with anti-counterfeiting, safety function and intelligent factors to become the most vitality field in label industry. With the purpose of follow the Security label industry trends and promotes the development of security label industry, the first Security Label Exhibition will be held on October 20-22, 2015, at China National Convention Center. Over 260 exhibitors and 5000 visitors will meet there to find market and customer.
Security label is one kind of identification with secure, anti-counterfeiting, or other specific functions. In the IOT era, security label combine printing, packaging, anti-counterfeiting, identification, RFID, big data, cloud computing, new materials and much more related technologies. Security label has a very good prospective in the industry, which will deeply effects the public security and brand protection.
SDS+SLE--Two events together create professional platform
1st Security Label Exhibition (SLE) and 10th Security Document Summit (SDS) held at the same time and in the same venue this year. SDS is an international exhibition with high reputation which has now out grown the venue of the previous nine very successful conferences. Two activities together will fully attract security and anti-counterfeiting manufacturers and users from the world-wide and make the communication and trade effect maximization.
Whole industrial chain bring limitless Opportunities
SLE+SDS will cover equipments, raw materials, anti-counterfeiting technology, manufacturing, identification equipments, and system integration which including all the sectors of security label. Also invites upstream and downstream enterprises,related enterprises and end-users to visit and find potential opportunities.
Based in China with Global Prospect and Outlook
Security label suppliers and manufacturers will come from all over the world, attended well-planned forums and mutual exchange on site. Also will invite end-users from other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin Africa.

New Venue--China National Convention Center(CNCC)
CNCC is the main venue of APEC 2014 and 2008 Olympic game, with the world-class services and unparalleled facilities provided. Sitting in the center of Olympic commercial circle between Beijing's fourth and fifth ring roads, CNCC is right next to the Bird Nest (China National Stadium for the Olympics opening and closing ceremony), the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center) and Olympic Forest Park. Close to Subway station Line 8 and Line 15.
Exhibition  October 20-21, 2015
Exhibition Content:

  • Anti-counterfeiting materials and technologies of label:Anti-counterfeiting ink,Security paper,Security film,Holographic material and label, etc.
  • Smart label Material, Technology and Equipment:Time & Temperature Indicators(TTI),Temperature Indicating Label,Freshness Indicating Label,:Gas-sensing Label,DNA Anti-counterfeiting Label,Tilt WATCH,Shock Watch,Escherichia coli warning Label,Smart-IOT Label,Automatic Open Packaging
  • RFID Label(including antenna) and RFID label Manufacturing, Sealing Equipment
  • Chip Module,RFID Chip,Security identifying Chip
  • Label inspection,Label identification,Reader
  • Electronic Supervision Code and Two-Dimension code Equipment
  • Database System and Software Platform
  • Digital Printing Equipment,Flexographic printing Press
  • Active Packaging and Smart Packaging
  • Oxygen absorption active package, Ethylene absorption active package, Temperature-Control Packaging,Antimicrobial Packaging,Self-heating Packaging,Self-cooling Packaging
  • Label and Packaging Media

 Who will you meet?                                           
  • Printing Corporation
  • Packaging Corporation
  • Brand Owner from cigarette, wine, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, auto parts, furniture and building material, daily chemical industry, electronic, etc.
  • Anti-counterfeiting and Industry Supplier
  • Advertising and Design Company
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation Company
  • Security Label Industry organization and Media 

What will you achieve?
  • Latest Industry Trends
  • Comprehensive following the Security and Anti-counterfeiting technology  
  • Discuss/Meet Both Existing & New Customers
  • Meet Your Chinese Partners, or Find a Chinese Partner
  • Know the Market or Find a Market Opportunities
  • Bring Direct and Potential Business Opportunities

Audience Invitation Channels
  • Organizer’s network: Organizer has worked in security printing and brand protection over ten years, which has abundant resources in end-users.
  • Telephone Invitation:Invites thousands of industry professional buyers through telephone invitations.
  • Media Publicity: Regularly exhibition promotion through dozens of industry websites and cooperated Media.
  • Email Advertising: Regularly Email advertising of industry valid data which comes from printing, packaging, and brand enterprises.
  • Professional Visitors Group: Working with China and International organizations to invites professional visitor .
  • Feature Report: Invites Media and Website to cover the exhibition before and after, build name recognition and promote the brand influence.
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  • Know the Market or Find a Market Opportunities
  • Bring Direct and Potential Business Opportunities

Time: Oct 22, 2015

  • Development and Opportunities of Security Label Industry’s
  • Combination of Security Label and Platform Application under the Big Data and Cloud computing
  • New Security Label Technology
  • Smart Label Application in Worldwide
  • Security Label Application Case
  • Label Material and Application Development
  • Digital Printing Technology and Development
  • Flexographic printing Technology and Development