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China Social Security Card holders broke through 1 billion

2017-05-26 11:34:00 • 0

On May 25, You Jun, Deputy Director of China Human Resources and Social Security Ministry, handed the 1 billion social security card to 16 year-old student Ning Jie, which meant that China Social Security Card according to national standard broke 1 billion mark.
According to Information Center of China Human Resources and Social Security Ministry, the first social security card was issued in 1999 in Shanghai. So far, social security card has covered over 72% population nationwide, stepping forward to “90% population” stipulated in “The thirteenth Five-Year Plan”    
In recent years, the 6 functions of social security card including electronic certificates, information recording, self-enquiry, medical care, allowance receiving and financial payment are continuously enhancing. 80% of the 102 social security card applications listed by China Human Resources and Social Security Ministry have been opened up. Medical expenses can be instantly settled with social security card in over 90% of China cities and the Ministry is working to promote cross-province medical expense immediate settlement.      
Based on “Internet + Human Resources and Social Security” 2020 Plan put forward by China Human Resources and Social Security Ministry, combining with the internet and big data, they will set up social security card online service platform to explore more social service channels, making it possible for people to pay social security fee and medical expenses through mobile phones and dealing with problems such as a long patient queue for registration, seeing a doctor and payment to really achieve the goal of “record one’s lifetime, secure one’s lifetime and serve one’s lifetime”.