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Reform of Alien's Permanent Residence Permit was launched

2017-05-09 15:23:00 • 0

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security issued The Facilitation Reform Scheme of Alien's Permanent Residence Permit approved by the 32nd meeting of the Leading Group for Deepening Reform Comprehensively of CPC, which marked the officially launch of the facilitation reform on Alien's Permanent Residence Permit. According to the scheme, the reform will be completed by the end of the 2nd quarter, 2017.
There are mainly four reform measures. First, the previous Alien's Permanent Residence Permit is renamed Alien's Permanent Residence Identity Card to emphasize its identity authentication function. Second, chips are installed in the Identity Card to record issuing and management information by reference to the optimized Second Generation ID document design and the new Alien's Permanent Residence Identity Card can be read through the reading machines of ID Card. Third, information system of railway, civil aviation, insurance, hotel and banks etc. will be updated accordingly to achieve information sharing of foreigners who will live in China permanently. Finally, department in charge will strengthen propaganda to improve public awareness of Alien's Permanent Residence Identity Card and reinforce the business training of related staff to help foreigners handle these issues.  
The Public Security Ministry is cooperating with other ministries to provide technical support for the reform. At the same time, all departments will take the reform as an opportunity grooming those who are able to enjoy national treatment and promoting the implementation of Alien's Permanent Residence policies.