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4,773 counterfeiting cases filed in Beijing in 2016

2017-04-14 14:55:00 • 0

According to Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing administrative enforcement authorities filed 4,773 counterfeiting cases totally in 2016, 18% increase compared to that of last year. The money involved reached RMB77.35m, 20.9% increase than last year. Among all of them, 4,207 cases were finally settled.
In the fight against counterfeits, 113 counterfeits manufacturing sites were found and destroyed; 59 cases involving crime were transferred to judiciary authorities and information of 3382 cases were open to the public.
In criminal justice system, public security departments uncovered 725 counterfeiting cases which involves RMB 930m and arrested 686 suspects. Prosecutorial organizations investigated 154 counterfeiting cases; adjudicatory organizations accepted 368 counterfeiting cases.    
Next, Beijing administrative enforcement authorities and criminal justice organizations will reinforce the management of cyber anti-counterfeiting and continue to crack down on counterfeiting with advanced information technology.